“Sleazy-ass jaxxx by US producer, Publicist, inna timeless Chicago style for Luke Wyatt/Torn Hawk’s Valcrond Video label. Really feeling both sides, from the grubby electro-bassed jack and kinky Bam Bam-style vox of ‘Slave’ to the full-body warehouse workout of ‘Outside’.”
Bookmat, October 24 2014
“Publicist is Sebastian Thomson, drum banger of such awesome indie disco staples as Weird War and Trans Am. This new incarnation takes the shimmering sexghost of disco and pummels it into a sleek panther that leaps from shadow to shadow briefly glimpsed in the reflection of disco lights on the effervescent surface of a flute of champagne.
On new 12″, “Momma”, old pal Ian Svenonious replaces the vocoder with his trademark sermon on the flaming mount yelps, he’s the reason that The Make-Up made us bark like spazz-dogs losing all our shit in the middle of the dancefloor, why Weird War sounded like funk beamed from the darkside of a nightmare war-torn planetoid and the reason why Nation of Ulysses sounded like a wall of laser guns tumbling in on us, smoking turret endfirst.
B-side “Stone Age” sees Ian hard-wired and assimilated into wobbling synth trajectories, barking a tale of funked-up cavemen through a robotic loud-speaker across an undulating sea of perspex disco and the kind of kinetic drumming that makes all the items in your room come alive and bump to the sound before spontaneously exploding like glitter bombs.”
20 Jazz Funk Greats, June 2009

“…while I was trying to find words to describe the Publicist sound, I think I should just quote some of the comments from his myspace, where people are like ‘your funk is from another planet’, ‘cosmic sensation’ and ‘full on instant dance party’ and that sums it up better than I ever could. About time for some space funk and putting the ‘disco’ back into ‘discodust’ after all! This is some of the freshest music I’ve found in ages.”
Discodust, October 2008

“These songs represent the glorious collision of Trans Am and The Make-Up, though it’s certainly not initial contact. Sebastian Thomson and Ian Svenonius have been making joyful noise together for some time as members of Weird War, but Publicist is Sebastian’s baby, a solo drum and electronics project that focuses on the beauty of the beat. Brother Svenonius throws in his two cents on top of Thomson’s polyrhythmic attack, and the listener wins.”
rcrdlbl, November 2008

“Fans of modern indie rock might recognize the name Seb Thomson. Apart from being an incredible drummer and a production powerhouse, he is a founder member of Trans Am and also drums for Ian Svenonious’ excellent Weird War. He now has a new solo project called Publicist that does away with rock stylings and goes straight for the disco jugular. Publicist is essentially a one man band, that features electronics programmed by Thomson, vocodered vocals, and live drumming. Though still a pretty new concern with only a couple of singles under the belt (including “Momma” featuring vocals from Svenonious, and last year’s Keep It Off The Record 12”) even at this early stage it looks and sounds great. This shouldn’t be a surprise to Trans Am or Weird War fans, as it’s obvious from those groups how talented Thomson is. For me it’s great to see him directly expressing the electronic dance elements audible in Trans Am.
Dangerous Minds, April 2011

“Publicist performs as a solo drumming/electronica act, producing some seriously fuck-off awesome electronica and beats. It’s like the stuff from LCD Soundsystem that everyone really loves minus all the dumb ideas and frat boy shit that their last album was littered with. It also bears enough of a resemblence to Trans Am that if you’re a fan, you’re going to be into this as well. Not nearly as intense but quite epic and still reeking of strange sciencefictional dystopia. And I love anything with lots of vocoder.”
BlitzGigs April 2011

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